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I'd really like to commission one of my senpais, but I'm so broke. I also don't wanna ask if I could pay what I can now and the rest later because I don't get enough commissions to generate the revenue to pay it off in a timely manner and I don't want them to feel like I'm taking advantage of their kindness. T^T


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United States
For those of you who may know me, I was Northstar3213 on the official Warrior Cats forums. I'm just a college kid that enjoys to doodle stuff from her respective fandoms. And when I say doodles, I really mean doodles. I've never had an art lesson in my life because I just couldn't fit it in. I've also heard too many horror stories of my friends being miserable in art class.

I use MS Paint primarily and when I want a more polished look. But more recently, I've been experimenting with PaintTool SAI primarily with backgrounds.

Such fandoms I take part in are Hetalia, Warriors, Soul Eater, Pokemon, and Undertale. But I'll also draw other things from other series.

I take photos whenever the moment strikes me so a lot of photos might be of seemingly trivial things. But I also traveled a lot in high school with Girl Scouts to Australia, New Zealand, and Hawaii. I also traveled to England, France, and Italy with my history teacher. Now I want to make one thing clear: My parents DID NOT pay for ANY of these trips. I earned all the money for those trips via fundraising.

I've helped out :iconmeiko-vocaloid-red: as a creative adviser for MTT for her fanfiction Fallentale. She also has another series of fanfiction titled "Matters of the Soul". Be sure to check them out!

Also a big shout-out to :iconloafbud: for the killer profile picture! They're an amazing artist with Warriors, Splatoon, and all kinds of art!

Now you're probably wondering: So who is Left Left? Well Left Left was a cartoon character that made his first appearance in a Code Lyoko roleplay as the pet of one of my OCs, Jared, who became his own thing in high school. The premise behind him was that he was a gecko who loved nachos. Why he's named Left Left is a very funny one. Me and a friend were in class wondering what to name this little guy when the teacher suddenly called out "Who is Left Left!?" and then it hit me, and that's what we called him. Left Left has then gone on to make cameos in other roleplays I've been in in addition to Code Lyoko. He's appeared in roleplays for Avatar the Last Airbender, Dragon Ball Z, Yu-Gi-Oh!, and Soul Eater.

Oh yeah! And another thing, Left Left doesn't represent me. He's my companion. This is the character that represents me:

Other OC's you'll probably see quite often are Bluetail (one of my many, many Warriors OCs), Chans (my CharaXSans fanbaby), and Erroll (my Error!SansXFell!Sans fanbaby). With other minor appearances by Jared Eberstark (one of my many human OCs) and Mortuo (another cat OC) as well as my boss monster OCs Lee, Zauviel, and Subject 0-17.

I am currently writing an Undertale fanfic titled "Insert a Profound Title Here" in which focuses on Chans their journey into the darker side of the Undertale multiverse. I'd really appreciate it if feedback was given. The fic is currently on hiatus until I can get my life together!

And I've had a couple of people ask me about commissions. Yes I do commissions! Prices can be found here:

Jigoa Sprite by LeftLefttheGecko Erroll Overworld Sprite by LeftLefttheGecko Subject 0-17 Overworld Sprite by LeftLefttheGecko Zauviel Overworld Sprite by LeftLefttheGecko Chans Overworld Sprite by LeftLefttheGecko Lee overworld sprite by LeftLefttheGecko Bluetail sprite by LeftLefttheGecko

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Tfw you're driving and you see two turtles doing it on the side of the highway :I
Guess who got their laptop wiped clean of everything including Undertale's save files! :3

(the art is safe don't panic)
Well it's been a long-fought battle, but I finally have an internship!
Hey go check out my friend WintersCatch 's gallery! They're bummed out and feeling ignored. I'm sure a few constructive comments would make their day!


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